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The Department of Asian and European Languages is one of the four departments at the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics. The Department offers five programmes, which are:

  1. Bachelor of French  Language and Linguistics
  2. Bachelor of German Language and Linguistics
  3. Bachelor of Italian Language and Linguistics
  4. Bachelor of Japanese Language and Linguistics
  5. Bachelor of Spanish Language and Linguistics

In addition, the Department also offers nine language courses as elective subjects, as follows:

  1. French Language
  2. German Language
  3. Italian Language
  4. Japanese Language
  5. Spanish Language
  6. Korean Language
  7. Portugesee Language
  8. Thai Language

The bachelor's programmes aim to produce marketable graduates who are fluent in the chosen language and knowledgeable in the field of linguistics. The Department which is vibrant and is very international, provides students with the opportunity of learning the language of their choice from native speakers, in an environment that is conducive and supportive.

This Department has 30 dedicated, qualified, and motivated teaching staff members, mainly native speakers who are equipped with a wide range of experience in foreign language teaching, where local staff members are equipped with international qualifications and experience.

MOU/MOA exchange programmes and scholarships available:

1. Japanese:

  • MEXT ( Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology),
  • Nakajima, 
  • JASSO,  
  • JENESSYS 2.0 
  • Japan Foundation, 
  • Waseda University

2. Italian

  • ICE (Italian-Malaysian Trade Commission),
  • Italian Foreign Office


  • University Jaume I, Valencia, Spain
  • University of La Rioja, Spain

4. German:

  • DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
  • Konstanz University of Applied Sciences

5. French:

  • INALCO (Paris),
  • Centre de Linguistique Appliquée de Besançon,
  • French Embassy

Career prospects for our students include teaching, journalism, publishing, editing, writing, diplomacy, foreign affairs, television and radio broadcasting, translation and interpretation, corporate communications, marketing, advertising, public relations, tourism, hospitality and leisure industries, management and administration in either the public or private sector.


Last Update: 28/03/2022