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Bachelor of English Language and Linguistics


Untuk dianugerahkan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Bahasa dan Linguistik Inggeris, pelajar perlu menyempurnakan pengajiannya dengan mengikuti kursus yang keseluruhannya berjumlah 127 kredit. Struktur program bagi Ijazah Sarjana Muda Bahasa dan Linguistik Inggeris adalah seperti berikut:

Students are awarded the Bachelor of English Language and Linguistics, upon completion of a total of 127 credits of study. The programme structure for the Bachelor of English Language and Linguistics is as follows:

Our programme also prepare graduates for further studies where they can pursue their postgraduate degrees (Masters & PhDs) locally or internationally and we have graduates who have successfully obtained scholarships (e.g. one from Cambridge University). A number of our graduates have also obtained their Masters degree at our Faculty and some from the Asia Europe Institute.

Our programme produces high calibre graduates for language related professions and they can work in a variety of sectors such as

  • in the media, advertising, and publishing (e.g. journalists, broadcasters, writers, editors, copywriters, proof-readers);
  • in the marketing, banking and tourism industries (e.g. administrators and junior executives);
  • in corporate communication (e.g. communications officer);
  • in the education industry (e.g. corporate trainers, language teachers/instructors, teacher educators, programme/curriculum developers, education managers/administrators at government and private schools and institutions); and
  • as translators and interpreters.

Local Candidates

  • Entry requirement for Academic Session 2019/2020
  • RM 5,043.00 (Local student)
  • Click here (International student)

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Last Updated: 27/11/2019