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#1 Maram Adel Aly Mohamedd Elmalah

Maram is our alumna from the Department of English. She graduated with a Bachelor of Language and Linguistics (English Language) degree in 2014. Maram currently resides in her home country, Egypt where she leads and manages her company

#2 Haruna Umar Farouq


Umar Farouq is our alumnus from the Department of Arabic Middle-Eastern Languages who had graduated with a doctorate degree in 2016. Umar Farouq is from Nigeria, and he is currently working as a Senior Lecturer at Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, Nigeria. His area of specialization is Stylistics (in Moden Arabic Literary Studies). He is interested in research, teaching, and translation/interpretation.

#3 Nasuha binte Suhaili


Nasuha is our alumna who graduated with a degree of Master of English as a Second Language in 2016. She currently works as a Creative Director at Peaches and Pen, an editorial company which she co-founded with her partner. Nasuha’s past experience includes higher education and entrepreneurial work.



Last Updated: 12/03/2019