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The Faculty of Languages and Linguistics is proud to have over 4,000 alumni from postgraduate and undergraduate study programmes throughout the years. In 2018, 204 students comprising of 116 undergraduate students and 88 postgraduate students graduated from the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics. 

From 2001 to 2018, a number of 2,452 students had been conferred with degree in Bachelor of Language and Linguistics specializing in their respective language programme offered by the faculty (i.e. Arabic language, Chinese language, English language, Italian language, Japanese language, German language, French language, Spanish language, and Tamil language). Some of our former undergraduate students graduated with Bachelor of Language and Linguistics with education too which were offered in the previous years. 

Since 1995, 624 students had graduated with Master of English as a Second Language (MESL). Since 1996, 293 students had graduated with Master of Linguistics. Since 1988, 535 students had graduated with Master of Modern Languages. Recently, the pioneering cohort of a new programme called Master of English Language Studies comprising of 17 students graduated in October 2018 as the first graduates of the programme.



Last Updated: 31/12/2020